Maaike van Rijn (1974) is a literary translator specializing in drama.  She translates from English, German, Norwegian and Swedish into Dutch; and occasionally from Dutch into English.

Most of her clients are established Dutch and Flemish theatre companies, such as Het Nationale Theater, Mugmetdegoudentand, TG Oostpool, Maatschappij Discordia and TG STAN. She has also translated for publishing house Manteau (Antwerp), British artist Sarah Maple, ATKA/Theatre School Amsterdam and literary magazine TERRAS. So far, five of her translations have been published as books by publishing house De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek, Amsterdam.

Maaike is a keen advocate of contemporary Scandinavian drama. In 2017 she initiated and organized the project Ferske Norske. With funding from, among others, Creative Europe,  six contemporary Norwegian plays were simultaneously published as books in Dutch translation. These translations – by several different drama translators – were presented in context during Ferske Norske Festival in Bellevue Theatre, Amsterdam, on May 22, 2017. Besides a seminar for theatre professionals and workshops for students, five large Dutch theatre companies read directed scenes from the translated plays on stage. The first set of six books was presented to the Norwegian ambassador in attendance of the Norwegian playwrights involved. (for more on Ferske Norske  in Dutch, click here).

Besides working as a translator, Maaike accepts writing assignments. She has written columns, interviews and articles for, among others, TheaterMaker magazine, Het Nationale Theater, Filter online magazine for translators, TERRAS literary magazine and Dutch Performing Arts. Maaike lives in Haarlem, the Netherlands with a husband and two cats.

If you are interested and/or want more information about any of the subjects on this page; if you have a question or want to discuss a possible new project, you are very welcome to contact Maaike through e-mail.

For a list of readily translated plays by Maaike van Rijn, click here



photo: Joris Smit

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